Hydroponic Commercial Vegetable Farms

We help the urban farmers to setup, run and earn the returns on investment through large scale commercial farming projects. We do both indoor or outdoors large scale projects

Additional information

Indoor Setup

Indoor: (Warehouse, shade, or inside the big hall)
– Good for off season, off location and exotic crop
– High PPFD grow lights.
– Commercial grade air conditioning.
– Height adjustable grow lights for the best light intensity to the plant.
– High density vertical NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) stand (High ratio of upto 1:8 plant per square feet)

Outdoor Setup

Outdoor (Greenhouse)
– Combined with cooling pads gives the temperature adjustment possibility upto 9-10 degree celcius.
– Natural light makes the plant growth very rigorous.
– Can achieve the plant density ratio of 1.25 to 3 (plants per square feet).

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Detailed Product Description

We build the Hydroponic Commercial Vegetable Farms on turn key basis. Our areas of expertise includes:

– Greenhouses and poly houses for open land based hydroponics

– Air conditioning and grow lights based indoor hydroponics farms

– We offer choice of vertical and single layer stands. Ranging from 1 Plant per sq feet to 8 plants per sq feet of plant density

– We offer cChoice of Hydroponics and Aeroponics formats based on the vegetables e.g. NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Vertical Tower, Dutch Bucket, Trough gutters, DWC (Deep Water Culture) etc

– provide complete software based automation for integrated operations; Greenhouse/warehouse controls are integrated with nutrients mixing and dosing unit

– We manufacture and offer Nutrient dosing and mixing unit with control upto three greenhouses and 9 Tanks

– We also have Integrated operations with Multiple intelligent sensors like DLI, Water temp, Ambient Temp, EC, Ph, Humidity, CO2 etc

– Provide choice of SMS alerts and data logging for all critical parameters

– Hydroponic Commercial Vegetable Farms project design are always done to suits to customer need and profitability. We have In-house design and project teams

– All Hydroponic components, electronic automation, software, air conditioning components – owned manufacturing

– for similar details on the product, you could also visit www.emaarfarmtechnik.com

– Emaar farm Technik provides best hydroponic service in India and other countries. The company continuously grow and get evolution in the farming industry.

– Emaar Farm Technik company serve more than six hundred customers service and training.

– Award-winning hydroponic company in India.

– Our company more than twenty product are listed Best product quality with twenty-four our customers service.

– Our product is simple user interface,PLC automation and low voltage power are require.

-One time invest and get high profit. Our company provides training in Mumbai location. Simple explain and very easily understand hydroponic regarding information.