Hydroponic Outdoor Vegetable Unit

These low cost Automated Hydroponic NFT systems are ideal for balcony, courtyard or roof top. Completely automated units have timer controlled pumping system, air pumps, filters etc. These are available in all sizes starting 100 plants to 1000 plants
– Plant growing technique, hydroponic Training options available
– Nutrients and Accessories are also provided for the best and optimum growth of plants



Model: EFT-OV- Category

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

White GI Pipes, Top open-able NFT channels, Air pump-stones, , settable timer, nutrients, EC-Ph meters

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Detailed Product Description

Hydroponic Outdoor Vegetable Unit is an ideal solution to grow leafy vegetables at balcony, terrace or garden setup.  following are the main unit features:
  • These units are ideal to grow any kind of leafy vegetables for hobby gardenist
  • It is fitted with top Openable, 100mmX55mm, Food grade, White NFT channels
  • Unit is supplied with air pump, air stones for maximum root oxygen
  • It has recycling of water
  • Frame is made of white GI. It has two options: I Shape or A Shape. This vertical unit has 6 levels and designed in such way that enough lights reaches to all plants.
  • Cycling timer is used for the precise water timing
  • Unit is supplied with Ph and EC meter. 1 KG of nutrients.
  • Unit is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Complete turn key solution together with accessories, nutrients and also consultancy  Option of : A) Shape NFT frame. No need of artificial light, if kept in open OR B) Vertical tower with Aeroponics to give maximum oxygen to the roots and enhance growth
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